Comic Outlines

24th May 2016, 9:46 PM

I've been hard at work outlining a possible new webcomic in between updating the Mighty Detective Mortimer & Lou. Outlining has become the most essential part of my creative processes. Each arc of the Mighty Detective Mortimer & Lou is outlined a few months in advance (or until I realize the latest arc is coming to a close and I don't know what to draw next).

I can outline almost anywhere and I try to keep them all in one notebook (though sometimes I have to staple a lot of pages in them). Each bit of dialog might change a little bit in the final product, but an outline helps me know what I should be drawing and what can be changed. My webcomic isn't a novel, I can't make changes later. 

So now that I am working on this new webcomic, I wonder when I should start drawing it. And if /when I start drawing it, when do I start posting pages. Should I wait until I finish outlining. I don't do this know, but my current comic doesn't have a definite end. This new one does and it's a lot different than my older ones. 

I think I will wait to start drawing and posting it. That way I know when and how this one will end.