Comic 198 - Knock on the Door

2nd May 2019, 6:00 PM
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Knock on the Door
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Author Notes:

2nd May 2019, 6:00 PM
I feel a little bad about the emotional discomfort Rin is going through, but she did ask a question, obsessed over it, and told Darcy her OTP was her cousin and his sworn enemy. I think in the long run she'll be alright, but at the moment she's mortified by her outburst.

Good thing Darcy is an excellent girlfriend and amazing at comforting Rin.

This page was fun to do even though it's mostly small talk. I feel that my characters rarely get this kind of interaction.



2nd May 2019, 6:25 PM
Lmao I didn't expect that last panel. What have you done Rin?!

This story arc has made me like Rin and Darcy a lot. Rin isn't going about this the right way at all, but it's said so much about her personality. She doesn't mean any harm but she gets carried away sometimes.
2nd May 2019, 6:36 PM
Thanks, yeah Rin and Darcy don’t get a lot of attention and I’ve been hoping to show off their unique personalities.

I’m glad you weren’t expecting that last panel.