Comic 77 - Useful Background Knowledge

15th Sep 2016, 6:00 PM
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Useful Background Knowledge
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Author Notes:

15th Sep 2016, 6:00 PM
Last week's alt text decoded: Can you say seven?

I'm going to put all of the alt text in code. I will decode the clue in the next comic. What I put there will be anyone's guess.



16th Sep 2016, 1:52 PM
what I'm learning from this story that I'm not very good at codes! Last week had me stuck

I gave this alt text a shot and got "dont chase the large fireflies"
16th Sep 2016, 5:55 PM
I enjoy solving codes more than writing them. There are a few mystery series I love that include them. I admit that I sometimes have a hard time figuring them out too.

I will confirm/deny you're answer next week :)